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westlake window glass replacement


westlake window glass replacement
February 1, 2019

Can you remember as a kid when you, or the group you were with, broke a window?

That first moment seems to play in slow motion. Everyone freezes, jaws drop, eyes open wider than seemingly possible watching the broken glass pieces fall slower and slower. Meanwhile fear begins to builds up, fast, then faster as the universal questions race through little minds, “Did I do that?” “Who saw it?” “Who can I blame?” “How can I get out of this?” Then, time regains its momentum, catching up with the speed of sound and the crash of the glass hitting the ground becomes a signal, like a shot from the starting gun for the 800 meter sprint. You and every other kid fearing the consequences, miraculously summon Olympic sprinter speed to flee the scene and thus escape the impending doom.

Now as we age and “mature,” if you think that you have out-grown such a childish reaction to breaking a window, think again. Grown men can be seen displaying a similar, “Who me? I didn’t do it” reaction quite regularly on any public golf course… just ask homeowners near the Ranches Golf Club in Eagle Mountain.

We would love to hear YOUR broken window stories, so please share!

And the next time you have a golf ball, baseball or any other ball breaking a window in your home or apartment, just know you can call Jordan at Westlake Window Glass. We are a local company offering affordable, Residential Window Repair in Lehi, UT Eagle Mountain, and Saratoga Springs.

westlake window glass replacement

Customer Testimonials

See what your neighbors have to say about their experience with us.

"My overall experience with Westlake Window Glass Repair was Awesome! Repaired my window quick, the price was reasonable, the technician that repaired the window was polite, courteous and on time. If I ever need another window repaired - I will definitely use this company."


Kellie Santiago

Google Review

"Had Jordan replace a curved “Eyebrow” window that broke. The custom piece took a couple weeks to make but as soon as it was in he was over. The install was quick and seamless. I asked Jordan to repair and build a few screens for me, as well as clean the exterior glass. He exceeded my expectations! I would recommend him to anyone!"


Tye Bratton

Google Review

"We just used Westlake Window and Glass Replacement for our patio door and could not be happier... I would highly recommend them to anyone with window or glass needs."


P DeLand

Google Review

"Jordan from Westlake Glass helped us remove one of our basement windows. He was extremely professional and meticulous in the way he worked. He exceeded our expectations and did a quality job. We called a dozen other window companies and Westlake offered the most fair price! We will definitely be working with them again to replace a couple of our upstairs windows."


Madelyne Van Hoff

Google Review

"Jordan came right out and gave us an estimate.  He was professional and the window looks great! We are definitely using Westlake when it’s time to replace all our windows.  Thanks Jordan!"


Tyler Tingey

Google Review

"We have had West Lake glass do several jobs for us over the years. They always do an amazing job! They are honest. professional and always have gotten the job done when they say they will. We would highly recommend West Lake glass!"


DeeDee Mitchell

Google Review

"This install went so smoothly! I love that when he left, the project was cleaner than he found it! Way to go Westlake! I’ll happily recommend you to all my friends."


Jennifer Wall

Google Review

"We had a golf ball hit and break a window. They were super quick at responding and kept in communication when the glass would be ready for install. Looking for a smooth process replacing a window, these guys know how to be professional without taking too much of your time."


Alli Brock

Google Review

"Great customer service. Jordan came out the same day I called for an estimate. Ordered the dual pane window that day and the window was installed exactly within the time frame they said it would be. I couldn’t be more pleased!"


Bruce Dalton

Google Review

"We love Westlake Windows! They fixed 1 broken window and replaced our bathroom window with a new window that would open. We didn’t get any ventilation and needed a window that would open. Jordan was phenomenal to work with! He responded right away and we couldn’t be happier with our new windows."


Kristin Burgon

Google Review

"We bought a house that had a broken pane of glass in one window and had no idea how annoying it could be to find someone to repair one window. After several calls and searches we finally found Westlake Windows. Jordan was able to give us a quote the next day that saved us over $150, and Jeremy installed it in less than 30 minutes once our glass was ready. Very impressed with this company."


Mike Packer

Google Review

"Living on a golf course has left us with 3 broken windows in a matter of months. Thankfully, Jordan at Westlake Glass has made the process simple and stress-free! Jordan is quick to respond, is always right on time and does an excellent job! Super impressed with his removal of broken glass and leaving our home in perfect condition. He’s respectful, responsible, and been a pleasure to work with! Can’t recommend enough!"


Natalie Severts

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